Reiki is a holistic practice of relaxation, healing and spiritual growth. It brings back harmony to every area of your life: health, love, finances or inner peace. Reiki Paths teaches Reiki in both theory and practice, through books, articles and recordings.

Reiki Articles & Esseys

General articles and esseys on Reiki, both from modern and traditional perspective.

How to Use Reiki to Attract Love, Money and the Other Stuff

The title of this article is based on a questions I hear quite often – how to use Reiki to attract love, or how to use Reiki to attract money, etc. People expect a clear answer, and I can provide them with it: yes, you can attract all these things to your life with the help of Reiki. […]

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Attunement, Reiju and the Process of Initiation

Note: this essey first appeared on, a Polish website. Now, an expanded and updated version becomes available for international readers. Being called to serve as a shaman, I had to explore various traditions of the old days, and the ways of shamans, healers and medicine man. I came to understand the deep, spiritual and psychological process […]

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Reiki Hand Positions for Treatment and Self-Treatment (with Illustrations)

After many months, sometimes years, of work, Reiki becomes a very intuitive practice. You place your hands on the body where your intuition suggests, and you keep them there for as long as your intuition suggests. But most beginners do not listen to their intuition – don’t worry, it’s quite normal at first! Actually, a […]

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Reiki Tutorials

Practical Reiki techniques, practices and exercises explained.

Learn Reiki Meditations – Gassho and Joshin Kokyu Ho

In this article you will learn two practical forms of Reiki meditation – the Gassho meditation and the Joshin Kokyu Ho technique. Both are very simple and yet very beneficial for Reiki practitioners.

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How to Turn Self-Treatment Into Reiki Meditation

Learn how to turn your normal self-treatment into true Reiki meditation, which allows you to benefit from self-treatment anywhere you go. Only three key elements are required, and they’re all described in this article.

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3 traditional Reiki techniques explained: Kenyoku Ho, Byosen Scanning, Reiji Ho

This tutorial will help you learn Kenyoku Ho, Byosen Reikan Ho and Reiji Ho – three traditional Reiki techniques that will improve the effectiveness of your Reiki treatments.

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