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There are many Reiki paths – here, on “Reiki Paths”, I hope to provide tips for your own, individual Reiki path by publishing articles, recordings and books that will help you learn and use Reiki better.

But more than that, the goal of Reiki Paths is to teach in such way that you can use the tips and advices so you can find your own path. Because the teacher can only show you the way – you must walk on your own. Reiki Paths is meant for people who perceive Reiki both as a healing practice and as spiritual practice – both targetting the modern people who seek harmony between that which is sacred and that which is mundane.

Reiki Paths explores the spiritual healing art of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki without too much New Age stuff, too :).

About the Author

That's me :)

That’s me :)

My name is Wojciech Usarzewicz, but on-line, I go with “Nathaniel” or just Nathan – it’s much easier to pronounce. I live in central Europe, in Poland. I walk the path of Animism mixed with Buddhism.

I’m a writer and a blogger, and a self-publisher, as well. I’m also a psychic, and a Reiki practitioner/teacher. I teach Reiki face to face in Poland, and here on this webiste, I educate via on-line, digital means, often for free!

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My Lineage

My Reiki lineage

My Reiki lineage

My Certificates

Here are my certificates – of course, they’re truly supported by a daily practice and studies :).

After Hours…

When I’m not working, I read Terry Pratchett, watch the stars and read about astronomy. I learn to play and build Native American flutes. Whenever I have chance, I learn practical skills in natural building techniques like cob or strawbales.

I like Star Trek and a lot of other Scifi TV shows and films, too.