How to Use Reiki Symbols to Achieve Any Goal and Dream You Want

Flickr, CC, autor: dailyquotesonline

Flickr, CC, autor: dailyquotesonline

One of the main reasons why people become interested in learning is the fact, popularized by practitioners, that working with Reiki helps us make our dreams and goals come true. Yet, rarely anyone says that such manifestation or dreams and goals takes a lot of time and requires even more patience. And, of course, the goals and dreams manifest in accordance with the highest good – like everything else when it comes to Reiki.


The first thing, the need for patience, is important, because in order to make our dreams come true, we need to heal ourselves, first. And that requires a lot of patient healing work with Reiki, dealing with our own subconscious fears, worries and thinking patterns and healing them. But there are ways, through which Reiki’s spiritual force could helps us manifest our dreams and goals successfully – this is what I’m going to teach you in today’s tutorial.

I have used this technique to attract new books, money for attending a clay plaster workshop, a flat to rent in a town with almost no flats, and a new washing machine (those are just few examples) – so it works for both big and small things.

The basics for this practice is the regular use of Reiki self-treatment – after all, this is the basic technique of healing our life through the method of Reiki. If you practice self-treatments on regular basis, then from time to time, you may use the following technique of making your dreams come true. But first, you need some theory of Huna.

This is where you should jump to my other website, A State of Mind, where I have published a whole and long article on Huna some time ago. When you’re done reading, come back here and we’ll continue :).

Now you know that it’s the Higher Self that manifest things, but it needs to be guided through our Lower Self – the subconscious mind. And you need the energy to do the manifestation. The energy is provided by Reiki – as you heal your life through various Reiki techniques, the amount of energy you can use increases greatly. Now this is where the Reiki symbols come to play.

The second Reiki symbol, SHK, can be used to connect with your subconscious mind. And the third Reiki symbol, HSZSN, can be used to connect with your Higher Self. Through using these two symbols, we can create a “bridge” between these two layers of consciousness, and speed up the process of manifestation and creation as explained by Huna.

Using Reiki Symbols to Manifest Goals

WARNING! Never, ever use this technique to include people or living beings in your visualized goals or dreams. If you wish to attract love, visualize a shadowed silhouette that represents the type of person you wish to fall in love with. Never include specific people you know in your visualizations. I’ve being there (I visualized specific people I knew), and I got a serious kick in my ass from few Angels – fortunately, they hold me back before I did any harm, and they taught me that such visualization may be a form of manipulation and it is not ethical.

The technique of using the symbols for manifestation is quite simple.

  1. First, define the goal that you wish to achieve – what is your dream, goal, what do you want to have, own, experience?
  2. Open up for the flow of Reiki, like you do usually for self-treatment or giving Reiki to others.
  3. Visualize and activate in your mind the first Reiki symbol, CKR, with an intention of opening the connection to your lower and higher selfs.
  4. Visualize and activate in your mind the second Reiki symbol, SHK, with an intention of connecting to your Lower Self.
  5. Visualize and activate in your mind the third Reiki symbol, HSZSN, with an intention of connecting to your Higher Self.
  6. Now, it’s time to get to work. Intend for Reiki to flow into the manifestation of your dreams, into your Higher and Lower selfs, in accordance with the highest good of all that exists. Say what is it that you wish to achieve, have, experience. Visualize this goal, whatever it is, feel the emotions and gratitude like you would already have it, and continue to contemplate upon the achievement of this goal for the next five minutes or so.
  7. Again, visualize and activate in your mind the second Reiki symbol with an intention of sealing the goal’s manifestation.
  8. Again, visualize and activate in your mind the first Reiki symbol with an intention of sealing the goal’s manifestation.
  9. Close the flow of Reiki like you do usually after giving Reiki to someone.

Now you’re done. This technique should be used on regular basis, each day or maybe even few times a day if you feel it’s necessary. Personally, I like to use this technique in the morning, when I work with my dreams notebook – a notebook that stores pictures of all my dreams and goals that I wish to achieve. If you ever read “The Secret” (or watched the movie), you may be even familiar with “Dream Boards” or “Vision Boards”, that are a similar concept.

If your goal or dream stands in accordance with the highest good of all that exists, after some time it will be manifested in your life – just like the Law of Attraction states, when the time will be right. Big goals take more time to be manifested than small goals, that should manifest in your life earlier.

A note – it’s a good idea to write down all your goals and dreams that you’re manifesting via any “law of attraction technique”. After some time, if you decide you do not want this goal or dream any more, and you notice this goal in your notebook as something you wanted in the past, you will be able to say: “I do not want this goal/dream/thing anymore – now I release it, and I free myself, I allow myself not to attract this goal/dream/thing anymore.

This is important, to free yourself from the things you do not want to achieve any more, as it will make you feel, well, free. And you won’t lose too much energy on things you do not want.

Noticing What Your Subconscious Thinks

This is not the end – in the process of manifesting things, it’s important to look for feedback from your subconscious mind. This is what may happen when working with the above technique.

  1. Your goal may be achieved – this is what you want.
  2. But perhaps signs may begin to occure in your life, that tell you something about your goal.
  3. Finally, it may happen that as you work with the technique, you may see images or get messages from your subconscious or Higher Self that are related to your dreams and goals.

The first point does not interest us – when the goal is achieved, we’re cool. In order for the technique to work well, the second and third point must be explained in more details.

Let’s start with the second point – you work with the technique of manifestation, and things start to happen in your life, that are related to your goal somehow. Those may be positive things or signs, that support you and tell you that you’re on the right path, and that goal or dream is good for you – keep going!

But, those may be negative things and signs, that hold the achievement of the goal back. In such case:

  • It may mean that those are the blockages, fears and worries that you carry in your heart and mind, and they require healing before the goal can be achieved.
  • On the other hand, those may be signs, a Higher Power (like God) may be trying to tell you the goal or dream is not good for you and that you should not pursue it, as this Higher Power has something far better for you.

How to tell the difference between one and another? And how to react to those two possibilities? When it comes to signs that tell you what requires healing, all you have to do is to consider every obstacle as a life lesson. Consider the obstacle as something to heal – and use all techniques known to you to heal the source of the obstacle and the obstacle itself – use Reiki, affirmations, core images work, forgiveness and meditation to heal the issue. Then the obstacle are dealt with, the goal will be achieved. But if you can’t really find anything wrong in your heart related to the obstacle, or if the obstacle were healed and the goal is not manifested, but new obstacle and signs appear, it may mean that the goal is not meant for you to achieve, and you should give it up.

In that second case, it’s very useful to send distant Reiki, using the third Reiki symbol, with an intention of healing anything that stands in your way and holds you back from achieving the goal. Sometimes, the very intention of this goal may be healed.

Other Reactions

Another complex thing is related to the third point – receving a feedback from your subconscious mind. Usually, subconscious mind use messages, memories and emotions to tell you that you have worries, fears and mind patterns to deal with before the goal can be achieved. Pay close attention to all your worries, fears and emotions that come to you as you work with the manifestation technique. Again, heal these problematic thoughts with any technique you want – meditation, affirmations, or more self-treatment.

On the other hand, your Higher Self may be telling you that your goal is not meant for you – in this case, Higher Self communicates with you with positive emotions and thoughts, or even with inspiring thoughts that show you something even better than what you want to achieve.

It’s very important to practice some form of meditation, like Gassho meditation, so that you can clear your mind – this will help you listen to both your Lower and Higher self.

That’s it – if you use the manifestation technique from this tutorial, and you will pay attention to the feedback – heal the problematic thoughts, fears and worries, and listen to positive, inspiring thoughts, then some goals will be successfully achieved, and other goals will be replaced by even better things that Higher Power has for you already!

Try to use this technique for something simple, something really small, like a book you really want, or an unexpected income of a $100 USD or similar. Once you find the technique successful, and you trust it better, you can try bigger things :).

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  1. I have doubt, me and my boyfriend were in healthy relationship. But now he is appearing for one of the toughest exams in the country and hence both of us are facing friction. There is completely no communication between us. I wish to heal this relationship and help achieve the goal together. Even I am appearing for the same exam but I am junior to him. Will it be unethical to send reikhi to continue and reconstruct this relationship. Plz reply ASAP. Thank you.

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