Why Becoming a Professional Reiki Healer is a Bad Idea (And What is Better than That)

Allow Reiki Inspiration to Flow (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Meditation-beautiful-autumn-forest-waterfall_-_West_Virginia_-_ForestWander.jpg)

Allow Reiki Inspiration to Flow (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Meditation-beautiful-autumn-forest-waterfall_-_West_Virginia_-_ForestWander.jpg)

Too often have I noticed among people who learn Reiki, that their intentions quicly change from “I want to help myself” to “I want to start my own Reiki business“. And in this second intention, the thoughts behind it are not like “I want to help others” but “It’s a simple way to make money“. It’s sad, I believe, because the world doesn’t really need more Reiki business practitioners – it needs more healers. And there is a difference between a Reiki healer, and a Reiki professional practitioner.

I would like to show you how can you help yourself and the entire world by practicing Reiki, and yet, by NOT becoming a professional Reiki practitioner.


Reiki into Business?

Often, people change Reiki into a business. Sure, it’s a lovely thought to have a couple of people each day paying you for Reiki healing sessions (although it is not you who make the healing, you’re just a channel, and it is Reiki that heals). Personally, I never had offered a paid Reiki session in person – somehow, the Universe never pointed people to me, at least so far. And actually, I’m not really sure if I would like this.

In the past few years, even if I have shared Reiki with others through free sessions and even through teaching Reiki, the practice itself helped me develop my writing business and now, a new hobby of crafting wooden flutes, that have a healing value themselves.

So if you ask what I do for a living, really – well, I’m a writer, self-publisher, translator and copywriter, a half-time blogger too :). So far, the practice of Reiki has helped me find money in fields other than Reiki. I own two websites on Reiki and I initiate into the practice, when the Universe guides people to me, but this happenes rarely – one person per month, in most cases. Which is a nice thought – to work in so many awesome fields, and still have time to teach someone Reiki without making it a commercial business. Yay!

What I have learned in the past few years is that Reiki can help you become a wonderful artist or musician, by unleashing your deepest talents. Or a wonderful doctor or a nurse, by helping you explore your compassion. Or a great writer, or a great salesperson to help you learn how to sell stuff honestly to people who really need the stuff. Or a great architect, who explores the art of safe, natural and ecological buildings. Isn’t it far more needed than yet another Reiki healer?

Someone taught me that true spiritual growth leads to become a better Joe Doe. That what the world needs – healers. Not professional healing business, but true healers. People who understand the art of spiritual healing, and can truly perform healing in their field of expertise – wheter it’s construction, retail, or any form of artistic or intellectual field. Think of it:

  • If you sell used cars, by healing this field you can create an honest business, that never lies to customers and never cheat them when selling these cards. It’s painful for people who be cheated, you know?
  • If you sell food, you can heal this business – you can charge the food with Reiki to make it more energetic and healthy. Or you may heal the business by redistributing goods from local ecological farmers.
  • If you’re an architect, you can heal this area of our life by desining wonderful buildings made of natural materials such as strawbales, clay or wood.

And in all these cases, you begin by using Reiki to heal yourself – by learning about your personal value, and about loving yourself. Then, you can see value in others and you can love others. From that, you learn to respect other people and feel compassionate about them. And after that, you learn about honesty in business – because if you love people and care about them, you can’t really try to deceive them and sell them a damaged car.

So basically, don’t try to become a professional Reiki healer. Just let Reiki heal you, and let Reiki help you find your true passion – that doesn’t have to be related to anything spiritual or New Age. You can trully find your passion (and financial stability) in so many wonderful fields, because each one of us have so many different talents and natural skills. It would be weird if anyone would have a natural talent to be a professional Reiki practitioner, right? And well, there’s something magical about using spritiual growth to become an awesome woodworker, I tell you!

Do not get blinded by the images of professional Reiki healers who own their Reiki centers. Some people are meant to do this professionaly, that means – on daily basis. Others are meant to use Reiki to benefit their friends and family. And everyone else should just use Reiki to heal themselves, so that they can live their awesome life by doing things they really love.

Missing the Point…

I believe that sometimes people miss the point – they learn Reiki in order to become teachers and organize workshops, and not to use this knowledge for their own spiritual growth or healing of their own life. This social phenomena is not limited to Reiki only, but it is present in almost any field of spiritual knowledge that we asign to the “New Age Movement”.

Often, people seek the path of Reiki not in order to heal themselves, but because someone – books, teachers, friends – promised them that Reiki is cool, extraordinary and it can do some awesome things. So people learn Reiki not for healing, but to fill the hole they have in their heart, the hole of low self-worth.

Once, I run a Reiki class of the first degree for a man, who came to me – he wanted to learn Reiki, and when I asked him why, he said: “Because I want to help my dogs“. In fact, he run a dog hotel and sanctuary. He did not want Reiki to for himself or to make money or to teach Reiki – he wanted Reiki to help his dogs. That day, I have run the greatest and most beneficial Reiki Shoden class in my entire life. For this very day, this man makes no money out of Reiki, but he keeps heling the dogs.

Here’s an inspiring thought: imagine a postman who knocks to your door and radiates with love and peace thanks to Reiki – he is full of happiness, strength and with a smile on his face, a postman of this kind is a much more friendly few than a person tired with his life. Reiki can make any postman happy, if being a postman it this person’s destiny.

There’s another side of the coin here. If you’re a postman, and you’re glad you’re a postman, Reiki will help you find happiness and fullfilment in being a postman. But if you’re a postman and you’re not happy about it, and you enjoy, for example, painting art, then Reiki will help you become a professional artist and painter – just give it some time, even few years if necessary. I hope this metaphorical idea is clear :).

Becoming a True Healer

A lot of books about Reiki explains the nature of Reiki, and teach about basic techniques, then promote the ways to start your own Reiki business. But there is more to Reiki than just learning how to charge for a session. More and more practitioners go through the great works of Stiene, Petter and Lubeck and explore the spiritual truths and Buddhist/Shinto roots of Reiki. Yet, is it enough? Reading is good, but practice is better. And the spiritual understanding of Reiki develops like a  flower in the middle of your daily practice, as Frans Stiene said.

Reiki practitioner is not simple a person that channels Reiki – I believe that the purpose of Reiki practitioners is to become healers. A healer is a person capable in healing – but being able to channel Reiki does not make you a healer, as there is much more to learn. It is visible in the journey the practitioner takes through all three degrees. The beginning of the journey, the degree of Shoden, is meant to everyone – everyone can make this first step on the path of Reiki and remain there for the rest of life. The second degree, Okuden, is meant for those who wish to heal others, as well – but not everyone is ready to make this step. And only a few will be ready to take the step towards Shinpiden, the third degree of Reiki.

But once they do, and once they complete the entire process of initiation into the Shinpiden degree, they can begin their path towards true healing. A person that is a Shinpiden practitioner can truly become a healer if this person choose to do so. But it’s obvious that one person cannot heal the entire world. This is why we seek our own fields of expertise – some Reiki Shinpiden practitioners focus on emotional healing or psychotherapy, while others focus on working with animals. There is a saying: do what you love, and the money will follow. Why do I mention it here? Well, first of all, a lot of people wish to become Reiki Shinpiden practitioners in order to become teachers and make money by teaching Reiki – but will the money follow?

I suggest not seek the third degree in order to make money, but to seek it in order to be able to heal in your field of expertise. Reiki can support you whatever you do – let’s see it from a different point of view: do what you love, and Reiki will flow. You can be a great psychotherapiest and use Reiki to support yourself. You can organize natural building workshops, and use Reiki to support yourself. You can teach about permaculture and new economy, and use Reiki to support yourself in your efforts. You can truly do what you love – and as Reiki Shinpiden practitioner, have a toolset of powerful tools that can help youDid Reiki help you finding your non-spiritual passion. Do you use Reiki in non-spiritual fields? Share your thoughts in the comments below. in your task. You can really heal people in your field of expertise by allowing Reiki to support yourself. In other words, you do not have to be a Reiki teacher in order to be a great Reiki healer. You can help others in so many ways – you can heal others in so many ways.

So, you can become a Reiki Shinpiden Master in the art of woodworking. Or a Shinpiden Master in the art of Architecture. Or a Shinpiden Car Seller. Or a Shinpiden Nurse. Pick one – this will  make Reiki far more beneficial for the world!

Being a healer is a complex work – when I decided to become a true healer, Reiki had guided me not to New Age books, but to scientific publications; new economy thought; antropological and social studies, and then, to many of my passions such as writing, natural buildings and flute making. Allow Reiki to guide you to your own passions – trully, they may be far different than anything you can read in New Age books.

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  1. I love this! I’m reminded of what one of the assistants at the first Hands of Light workshop I went to said: “My healing room is the board room”. She trained as a healer and worked in corporate business. It was very inspiring to hear.

    Thank you :D

    by Justin Bonnet / September 1st 2014

  2. Yay, that’s exactly what I’m talking about, thanks!

    by Nathaniel / September 10th 2014

  3. Thanks for this perspective, it’s refreshing and so insightful. I think there are steps we go through after learning Reiki that opens us up to personal expansion and possibilities that we did not know were within us, and that can be an amazing experience. I think that is when the realization that we can accomplish anything comes to light and inspires many to create their dream jobs, sharing Reiki! It’s only after a bit more time that we see that Reiki is in everything we do and doesn’t need to be “what we do”.

    by Courtney / November 14th 2015

  4. I believe that intention trumps all! If the healer intends and wants to heal, then all is well. I can’t imagine when we get to the other side of the Veil that there will be any judgment about “doing a healing wrong.”

    There is also nothing wrong with someone wanting to be paid for the time they act as a channel. They are not doing the healing! Right? … but they are providing a valid professional service by anchoring Light.

    I think everyone has the potential to be a healer of themselves and others. It is up to each person to decide whether they choose to use it or not. If they decide that want to be “on vacation” during this lifetime, there is no judgment.

    Crystal Light Blessings!

    by Fay Kelley / February 4th 2016

  5. You did not post my past comments, please explain why you will not acknowledge a slightly different viewpoint that was written respectfully.

    by Fay Kelley / February 21st 2016