How to Turn Self-Treatment Into Reiki Meditation

Lying down on the bed or sofa during Reiki treatment is one of the most popular ways to perform a self-treatment. I do it quite often – it’s a very relaxing form of doing Reiki to yourself. But it is not the best posture to choose from when we consider Reiki as a spiritual practice. Lying down may prove tricky for many people, because our bodies are quite “programmed” to understand lying down as a preparation for sleep. Thus, our Reiki self-treatments often turn into a nap. While this is all right for people who receive a full body Reiki treatment, it’s not so good for Reiki practitioners themselves.

There is a way, though, to change the simple self-treatment into a true Reiki meditation practice. All that is required is a proper physical posture, proper focus and proper breath. And a set of Reiki treatment hand positions, that are available for free in the article linked.


Lotus posture (source:

Lotus posture (source:

Reiki self-treatment meditation is a normal self-treatment that is performed while you sit down in a meditation posture, like the lotus position or the traditional japanese way of sitting called seiza – look at the illustration, one above and one below. While you do yourself Reiki, you focus on your abdomen region. This part of your body is traditionally known as “hara. And then you breathe in and out in a specific way, trying to calm down your mind.

To sit in seiza means to sit on your knees and legs.

To sit in seiza means to sit on your knees and legs.

By the way, it’s all right to fall asleep during self-treatment. I mean, when this happens, nothing bad is going to happen. But it’s not such a good idea to fall asleep when doing Reiki to someone else. This apply mainly to distant healing techniques.

Some of you may find such sitting self-treatment more beneficial, while others will not see any difference. And perhaps some people will still prefer the classic way of lying down. As always in case of Reiki, each one of us walks the individual, personal path. The sitting self-treatment meditation has a few benefits, though. First, it can be performed and practiced while you don’t have anywhere to lie down. But it can also help you achieve a calm mind – that’s the reason why I call it “meditation”. Meditation is a practice of bringing peace to our mind and soul.

To practice this technique – which in reality is merely a small modification of normal Reiki self-treatment – a book inspired me. It was the Japanese Art of Reiki (aff), in which I’ve found illustrations of similar way to perform Reiki self-treatment.

Within the system of Reiki, there are couple meditation techniques, like the Gassho or Joshin Kokyu Ho. The system of Reiki is a practice of spiritual self-healing, and self-healing often requires bringing peace and harmony to ourselves. Meditation in general has been proven to benefit people in many ways. It helps the physical body relax, and the focus on our breath helps us put our thoughts and emotions in order – that is, calm them down without thinking about it too much. Of course, this is not the best definition of meditation, but it will work for now.

Reiki Self-Treatment Meditation

Before we proceed further, here’s the tutorial itself – follow the steps to learn how to change normal Reiki self-treatment into a form of meditation.

  1. Sit down, either in a lotus position, or in seiza – a traditional Japanese way of sitting. Close your eyes and relax.
  2. Perform the Kenyoku Ho technique, and then bring your focus to your abdomen. This area is called “Hara” – it is believed, in Japanese and Taoistic teachings to be a place of the first Dantien, an energetic center similar to chakras. Bringing the focus to your hara benefits both the peace of your mind, your concentration and your flow of Chi, the life force.
  3. Begin to breathe with your nose. Breathe gently and with your own, individual and natural speed. Do not force things. The goal is to relax.
  4. Now open yourself to the flow of Reiki like you usually do so for the purpose of Reiki self-treatment. And begin the self-treatment, using the hand positions from Reiki Paths, or the hand positions you personally use.
  5. As you move your hands from position to position, keep breathing and keep your focus on your hara.
  6. When all the hand positions are done, close the flow of Reik as you do so usually. Open your eyes and continue with your daily activities.

As you can see, the meditation is not that difficult. You simple do all the hand positions you usually use for self-treatment. The only additions or differences are: a more meditative physical posture of lotus or seiza; a calm and peaceful breath; and a focus on your abdomen region of Hara. All of this is preceded by the cleansing and energizing technique of Kenyoku Ho.

The cool thing is that you can perform this practice anywhere – in the forest, on a train, in a bus, or in the park. You don’t have to perform all the hand positions. You may simple place both of your hands on your abdomen, and send Reiki there, using only this one hand position. This way, Reiki self-treatment becomes a spiritual practice that can be performed almost everywhere.

The Elements of Meditation Explained

A bit more must be said about the key elements of meditation. There are three key elements to discuss here:

  1. Physical posture, that is the way you treat your body.
  2. Correct breath, that is the way you breathe in and out.
  3. And the way of dealing with thoughts and emotions that come to you during meditation.

There are many ways to meditate, and many schools of thought when it comes to meditation. But most of these schools of thought have these three elements in common. Some will way that you need to sit straight and that correct way of meditative posture is very important. Perhaps this is true – but for most people, the thing that really matters is that they relax their muscles and don’t fall asleep. I believe if you wish you can meditate in an armchair and that is all right.

The point is – whether you sit on a chair, or on a floor in a lotus or seiza posture, you can keep your back straight and attend the details, but in reality you need to relax your muscles and ohter elements of the physical body. You won’t be able to focus if you force yourself to remain in a specific physical posture. To some people, this is the point – to focus despite the physical discomfort – maybe it’s true, but not in case of Reiki meditation. So try to sit straight, but at the same time don’t force your body into any uncomfortable posture.

The next element is your breath – to breathe means to live. Again, different ways of meditations require different ways of breathing. In case of Reiki, your breath must be relaxed. Breathe in gently and breathe out gently. Breathe in your natural way – slowly, gently but don’t force yourself to slow down your breath more than you normally do. Find your natural rhythm.

And the final element is the way you deal with your thoughts. During meditation, thoughts and emotions are normal. They do happen. The point is to deal with them – the best way to do so is to find a way to focus on something else. Like your abdomen – hara-  and your breath. Thus, during meditation, just keep your mind/awarness focused on your hara and on your breath. Next, when thoughts or emotions come, do not fight with them, do not analyze them, do not worry, do not show any interest about them – simply acknowledge them and accept that the thoughts and emotions are normal, and gently return your focus on the hara and on the breath.

As long as you keep these three elements of meditation in your mind and in your heart, and you perform a Reiki self-treatment as described above, the practice will turn into a real meditation.

For those who wonder – yes, if you apply these three elements to your normal lying version of self-treatment, this will be a beneficial meditation too :). As long as you do not fall asleep.


This completes this short tutorial. Practicing Reiki treatment in a form of meditation makes it even more beneficial spiritual practice for both you and those who surround you, because with the mind calm and peaceful, Reiki can heal our soul more and more.

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