Reiki Freebies

On this page, I list all the free stuff, related to Reiki, that you can download. Over time, here you will find free e-books, mp3 recordings, templates, posters and more.

Generally, please visit the following pages for some simple free Reiki stuff:

  • Pinterest – here I post some Reiki photos, images, infographics and illustrations that you may enjoy.

Choku Rei Meditation – Chanting First Reiki Symbol

This is a meditation recording, in which I chant the first Reiki symbol, called Choku Rei (CKR). You can learn more about meditating with Choku Rei symbol from a free article on Reiki Paths, linked below:

Reiki Symbols – Painting Template

With these simple four Reiki symbols templates that you can print, you can practice meditation of painting Reiki symbols. While traditionally the entire art of caligraphy should be implemented into such meditation, filling the template with black indian inc works to some degree, as well.