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9 Things, That You Should Know as a Reiki Beginner (and Advanced Practitioner, Too)

From this article, you will learn nine basic things, that every Reiki practitioner should remember all the time, whether he or she is just a beginner, or a more advanced practitioner.

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How to Write Healing Affirmations with Reiki

From this practical tutorial, you will learn how to write affirmations that can be used for personal healing. But also, you wil learn how to use Reiki to support the healing process of affirmations.

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Why Becoming a Professional Reiki Healer is a Bad Idea (And What is Better than That)

Nearly everyone wish to become a professional Reiki healer. But it’s not such a good idea. In reality, it may blind you to your true passion and destiny. Read and learn, how can you become a Reiki master in other-than-reiki fields.