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3 traditional Reiki techniques explained: Kenyoku Ho, Byosen Scanning, Reiji Ho

This tutorial will help you learn Kenyoku Ho, Byosen Reikan Ho and Reiji Ho – three traditional Reiki techniques that will improve the effectiveness of your Reiki treatments.

Category: Reiki Tutorials

How to Use Reiki Symbols to Achieve Any Goal and Dream You Want

In this how-to tutorial, you will learn how to use the Reiki symbols to attract the things you want, achieve goals and dreams in accordance with the highest good. It’s a “Law of Attraction” reikified!

Category: Reiki Tutorials

How to Meditate and Chant the First Reiki Symbol – CKR

Learn how to meditate with, and chant the first Reiki symbol – CKR. This symbol will heal your grounded aspects of life, such as finances, health, diet or hobby.